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Captain Boo

I'm speechless (as you might've gathered from my post here). Russell T Davies is just ruining the show. He writes crap stories and gets rid of good assistants :(

The sooner he leaves, the better, if you ask me.


I Love Doctor Who !!!

i dont want catherine tate to be the new companion. i love her in the catherine tate show but what me an i think EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WHO WATCHES DR WHO wants is rose to come back. even if its for 1 episode. its not impossible because the darleks and cybermen came back so why cant the best companion ??!!


pay her billions if that is what it takes!!

Lots of love to David tennant and the writer and producers of doctor who( the best thing ever)

Hannah Day



I think catherine tate should not be in the new series of Dr Who
because she dosent suit the character.

sarah quinney doctor who fan!!!

i think that SHUD BRING BK THE PIPER! she was awesome. season 2 was the best wiv her and david tennant! it was a gd story line wiv loads of extras! they was awesome! bring her bk! but if that wot the writers wantsw 2 happen wiv the tate then i think she wud b better then matha by far!... but now ther r plans 2 bring bk davros wot r they doin!!!! cum on just get rid of the darlicks 4 gd? or just keep draggin it out? but matha will b returning half way thou the 4th 2 join the doctor(david tennant) and dona(k tate) so 2 assitants hay we will c how it goes!

Arlen Murillo

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